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Research Laboratories

Original Medical Research

Discovering new treatments, procedures and medical innovations through research in the laboratory.


Investing in Medical Research

Aurora Health Care has invested in advanced research laboratories designed, equipped and staffed to discover new and effective treatments.

Researchers at our various laboratories work closely with Aurora doctors to develop effective treatments for many conditions and diseases, including cancer, heart conditions and neurological disorders.

The laboratories are:

  • Discovery Laboratory at Aurora Sinai Medical Center: We designed this laboratory to encourage collaboration between researchers across different areas of expertise. It has specialized rooms for safely handling and growing human cells used to test treatments. Learn more about our Discovery Laboratory.
  • Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center Laboratories: The Neuroanatomy Laboratory is connected to our hospital via a skywalk and the Regenerative Medicine Center is adjacent to the outpatient cancer clinic. This physical connection allows researchers and doctors to meet to collaborate on ongoing research. The Endocrine Research Laboratory on campus is studying the body’s hormonal response to stress. Read about Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center Laboratories.


Research Cycle: From Bedside to Bench to Bedside

All Aurora medical research is patient-centered. That means it is designed to produce clear benefits for the people cared for at Aurora.

Aurora laboratories foster direct connections and collaboration between laboratory researchers and doctors. We focus on tangible and practical health benefits and solutions.

Our research cycle works like this:

  • Bedside: Doctors working directly with people – at the bedside – identify gaps in treatment or come up with ideas for improving treatments.
  • Bench: Researchers working in the laboratories – at the bench – look for solutions and new treatments.
  • Bedside: Doctors take verified and approved treatments back to the bedside to help the people they are caring for.

Explore Our Specialty Research Programs

Center for Integrative Research on Cardiovascular Aging (CIRCA)

Researchers study the aging heart down to the molecular level to improve treatments.

Heart Research

Translational Oncology Research: Quest for Understanding & Exploration (TORQUE)

Doctors and researchers work to discover better treatments and improve the quality of life for people with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Research

Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute

Surgeons, doctors and researchers develop safer and more effective brain surgery procedures and treatments for neurological disorders.

Neurology and Brain Tumor Research

How to Participate

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