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Discovery Laboratory

In our advanced research facility, researchers develop treatments and interventions that may directly benefit our patients.


Aurora: The Future of Medical Research Today

Researchers at Discovery Laboratory at Aurora Sinai Medical Center search for new, effective treatments for cancer, heart conditions and neurological disorders.

Our patient-centered research means real benefits for real people. Discovery Laboratory is a key element in a research cycle that involves:

  • People voluntarily donate biospecimens – samples of their blood or tissues – to help advance medical knowledge and research new treatments.
  • Doctors and researchers study diseases, disorders and conditions that affect Aurora patients.
  • Researchers and technicians use the donated biospecimens to discover effective treatments.
  • People receive health benefits when our research delivers new treatments.


Designed For Today’s Medical Research

Discovery Laboratory is a modern, integrated research center where expert personnel work with advanced equipment in our specially designed facilities. Discovery Lab includes:

  • Open-floor layout: Researchers collaborate more easily and naturally.
  • Specialized containment rooms: We can safely process and grow tissue cells, work with viruses and test how diseased cells respond to different drugs or treatments.
  • Multiple specialties: Heart and cancer researchers work together on treating the damaging effects chemotherapies can have on the heart. Neurosurgeons work with cancer researchers on treatments for brain tumors.

Our laboratory design creates an environment where researchers can easily share information and resources. By maximizing collaboration, we minimize expenses and time compared to more traditional laboratory designs.


Multiple Research Laboratories in One

Discovery Laboratory incorporates several specialized mini-laboratories including:

  • Imaging Laboratory
  • Experimental Optics Laboratory
  • Microscopy/Histology Laboratory
  • Cell Biology Laboratory
  • Flow Cytometry Laboratory
  • Virology Laboratory
  • Protein and Molecular Laboratory

We’ve found that having these specialized laboratories on-site allows us to conduct our research faster and more efficiently than many traditional laboratories.

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Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute

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