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Translational Oncology Research: Quest for Understanding & Exploration

The Aurora Difference

Life-Changing Breast Cancer Research

Translational Oncology Research: Quest for Understanding & Exploration (TORQUE) is Aurora Health Care’s very own breast cancer research program. We are leveraging vast amounts of data and our team’s collective expertise to transform breast cancer care.

Our observation from treating more than 1,000 new cases of breast cancer each year sparks questions that lead to groundbreaking “bedside-to-bench” research. We are producing new medical knowledge that is helping people live long, healthy lives. 

Transformational Breast Cancer Research

TORQUE is changing the face of breast cancer care. Our researchers are unlocking clues and ushering in new ways of diagnosing, treating and surviving breast cancer.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Access to national clinical trials: Aurora Health Care is one of 34 sites in the country participating in a national clinical trials network. Our participation means the people we care for have access to the latest clinical trial drugs (chemotherapy) locally. Find out more about the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program.
  • Uncommon scientific resources: Our team is making great strides in improving breast cancer care, thanks in part to the scientific resources available at Aurora. We are harnessing the power of electronic medical records to quickly apply research findings to the people we serve. We also maintain a vast collection of breast cancer tissue samples in our Biorepository and Specimen Resource Center.
  • Outstanding results: The people we treat receive care from a large team of cancer experts, including genetic counselors and surgeons who specialize in breast cancer. Our team approach is one of the many reasons people achieve results that are on par with the country’s best programs. Learn more about cancer care at Aurora.
  • Innovation through collaboration: We are working with biotech companies and research programs across the country to extend the reach of our work. Our collaborations include special projects examining the molecular makeup of tumors so we can learn more about how cancer develops. We welcome inquiries from potential partners: collaborate with us.

Our Research

Advancing Breast Cancer Care

Our research team includes specialists you typically would not find outside academic medical centers. These experts include scientists who detect the biological traits (biomarkers) of abnormal breast tissue. This level of expertise, along with Aurora’s extensive scientific resources, holds promise for a new era in breast cancer care.

Our breast cancer research interests include:

  • Improving treatment effectiveness: Scientists in our Discovery Laboratory are working to learn more about what causes breast cancer. We are using this information to help each person get the best possible treatment. Find out more about Discovery Laboratory.
  • Personalized treatments: We are using people’s own immune systems to attack the cancer (immunotherapy). This treatment offers a lifeline to people for whom traditional cancer-fighting drugs have not been successful. Immunotherapy is one of many projects underway as part of our precision medicine program. Precision medicine looks at how genetics, environment and lifestyle affect each person’s risk of disease and response to treatment. Find out more about precision medicine.
  • Ways to improve quality of life: Team Phoenix is a unique triathlon training program for cancer survivors. We help survivors regain their strength, endurance and sense of wellness by completing a race that includes swimming, biking and running. Our researchers are also learning about the long-term benefits of exercise in cancer care. Read more about Team Phoenix: Survivorship Redefined.

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