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Research Specialties

Specialized Programs That Inspire Life-Changing Research

Aurora Research Institute is home to some of the world’s leading researchers in neuroscience, cancer and cardiovascular care. Our team also includes experts you might not expect to find outside academic health systems, including stem cell scientists. The depth and breadth of our expertise help us explore research questions in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

The Aurora Difference

Translational Research and Clinical Trials

Aurora Health Care’s doctors and research experts have big ambitions. We are delivering today’s best available care while pursuing answers to today’s most pressing research questions.

Our work holds promise for changing the course of care for complex conditions, including cancer and neurologic and cardiovascular conditions. We are also pursuing research to expand our reach into new areas, including asthma care and women’s health.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Patient-centered research: Across all of our research interests, the one constant is our focus on improving the lives of the people Aurora serves. We only pursue research that has a clear patient benefit, like using a person’s immune system to fight cancer (immunotherapy). We also offer a unique triathlon training program in which we are studying the benefits of exercise in breast cancer survivors. Read more about cancer research.
  • A history of innovation: Aurora is home to cardiovascular research innovations that have transformed care. In 1968, our team pioneered a lifesaving procedure for heart attack victims (coronary artery bypass grafting or CABG). We continue pushing new frontiers in areas such as arrhythmia care. Learn more about cardiovascular research.
  • World-renowned expertise: Neuroscience research at Aurora is led by a neurosurgery expert whose accomplishments have ushered in a new era of care for complex conditions. In fact, doctors from around the world look to our team for answers on their toughest cases. Find out more about neurology and brain tumor research.
  • New areas of research: We are expanding the reach of our clinical research capabilities with projects and clinical trials in emerging areas. These efforts hold promise for improving the care of our community’s most pressing health conditions, including asthma and bladder problems. Learn more about emerging research areas.

Our Research

Brain Tumor, Heart Care and Cancer Research

Research at Aurora is making care more personalized and effective. To do so, teams of experts are coming together to approach complex medical problems in new and exciting ways.

Our research interests include:

  • Using technology to make treatments more precise: Aurora was the first program in the world to use new neurosurgery technology to remove brain tumors. This technology uses GPS-like navigation to pinpoint tumors deep within the brain and remove them without disrupting nearby healthy tissue. Find out more about neurology and brain tumor translational research.
  • Delivering the next generation of care and treatment: Our participation in clinical trials gives people access to the country’s most promising treatments close to home. We are often one of only a handful of programs in Wisconsin where these treatments are available, including a new wireless (leadless) pacemaker to fix heart rhythm problems. Find out more about cardiovascular clinical trials.
  • Taking existing treatments and making them better: Our translational research brings care innovations to people faster. Translational research includes unique combinations of existing cancer treatments that lead to exceptional results. Find out more about cancer translational research.

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