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Cancer Clinical Trials

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The Aurora Difference

We Bring Promising New Treatments to You.

At Aurora Health Care, people have access to some of today’s most advanced cancer care, including clinical trials. If you live in eastern Wisconsin or northern Illinois, you can participate in a clinical trial at Aurora clinics close to home. We also offer clinical trial access to people from across the country who seek out our cancer care experts.

Compassionate Care, Innovative Treatments

In 2016, Aurora offered more than 180 clinical trials. From diagnosis to treatment and prevention, our trials are advancing every aspect of cancer care. One thing remains the same: Our genuine concern for the well-being of the people we serve. We uphold strict ethical standards and put safety above all else. Find out more about integrity and quality.

Other highlights of our program include:

  • Access to national clinical trials: Our participation in clinical trial networks gives you access to new treatments, including new cancer-fighting drugs (chemotherapy) before they’re widely available. Find out more about the National Cancer Institute’s Community Oncology Research Program.
  • Coordinated care: When you participate in a clinical trial, we make every effort to help you continue seeing the doctors you already know and trust. Keeping your care team consistent also helps keep your treatments on track, so you can focus on getting better. Learn more about cancer care at Aurora.
  • Outcomes that reflect a diverse population: Our large patient base means that trial data reflects outcomes from a broad range of age groups, genetic backgrounds and ethnicities. For trial sponsors, this means data that is more reflective of the general population. The diversity of the people we serve is one reason why many trial sponsors like working with Aurora. Sponsor a clinical trial.


What Is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are research studies exploring the safety and effectiveness of new treatments and care ideas. At Aurora, all people have the opportunity to be considered for a trial. Learn more: Clinical trials participant information.

Trials occur in four phases (Phases I to IV). Each phase answers a different research question. Aurora offers access to early-phase clinical trials (Phase II). These trials give you more treatment options than ever before. Learn more about our early-phase clinical trials.

Our Research

Cancer Clinical Trials

Our clinical trial interests represent nearly every aspect of cancer treatment and include:

  • Tailoring cancer treatments based on the genetic makeup of the tumor (precision medicine)
  • Combining treatments in innovative ways, like chemotherapy before surgery in people with bladder cancer
  • Testing new chemotherapy drugs, including drugs accessed through our participation in the National Institutes of Health’s Adult Brain Tumor Consortium; find out more about our neurology and brain tumor clinical trials
  • Improving cancer screening and early cancer detection rates with the help of electronic medical records
  • Using existing chemotherapy drugs in new ways for cancers that do not respond to traditional drugs
  • Helping people on chemotherapy avoid complications, like treatment-related heart problems; find out more about our cardio-oncology program   

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