Cancer Translational Research

Cancer Translational Research

The Aurora Difference

Translating Scientific Knowledge Into Healing

Aurora Health Care delivers exceptional cancer care that is extending people’s survival and improving their quality of life. Our researchers are exploring today’s best available cancer treatments and finding ways to make them even better.

Translational Cancer Research

Our translational projects apply scientific knowledge gained through our very own research to improve cancer treatment. This type of transformative research requires highly skilled scientists, researchers and doctors you’ll find only in top research programs like Aurora.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Cancer treatment that meets your needs: Our large team of experts, including oncologists, surgeons and radiologists, works side by side to tailor treatments to meet your unique needs. With dedicated cancer clinics throughout eastern Wisconsin, you can get the care you need without leaving your community. Find out more about cancer care at Aurora.
  • Extraordinary research environment: Discovery Laboratory is Aurora’s state-of the-art research facility and home to remarkable scientific resources. Our team has access to more than $1.4 million in surgical and imaging equipment – including first-in-the-world neurosurgery technologies. These tools are helping us make great strides in cancer care. Read more about Discovery Laboratory.
  • Expertise in transforming research into better care: Aurora is home to research scientists and technologists you’ll find only in leading cancer research programs. Our team includes stem cell scientists exploring the genetics behind certain forms of cancer. Read more about current therapies using stem cell and regenerative medicine.


Translational Cancer Research

Translational research uses scientific knowledge to unlock clues about what causes of cancer and the best ways to treat it. We are bringing forward potential solutions at a rapid pace thanks to our full-circle approach.

This approach includes:

  • Bench-to-bedside research: We are performing laboratory studies (bench research) to learn more about the biological processes that give way to cancer. This form of bench research lays the foundation for making treatments more effective.
  • Bedside-to-bench research: This form of research brings medical knowledge from people back to the laboratory for further investigation. Our team includes experts who specialize in marrying research findings with individual records in our electronic medical record system. This expertise also allows us to quickly bring advances in medical care to people who can benefit from it.

Our Research

Research Projects Transforming Cancer Care

Translational cancer research interests at Aurora span all aspects of cancer care, including:

  • Using technology to identify fast-growing tumors in earlier stages: We are combining findings from our extensive analysis of breast cancer tissue with Aurora’s electronic health record data. These efforts may help us predict who may develop a tumor in an earlier stage so we can connect people with the most appropriate cancer treatment sooner. Learn more about our breast cancer research program: Translational Oncology Research: Quest for Understanding & Exploration (TORQUE).
  • Making care safer: After surviving cancer, many people end up with heart problems. Cardio-oncology research projects are helping us understand why some cancer drugs cause heart problems and how to prevent them. Find out more about our cardio-oncology program.
  • Personalizing cancer treatments: Our precision medicine efforts consider data from a person’s genetic makeup to customize cancer treatments at the individual level. One of our interests includes using the immune systems to attack the cancer (immunotherapy). This treatment offers a potential lifeline to people for whom traditional cancer-fighting drugs have not been successful. Learn more about precision medicine.
  • Expanding our knowledge of complex brain structures: Scientists in our neuroanatomical laboratory are studying complex structures deep within the brain. This dedicated lab includes special tools and equipment that make it possible to view brain structures in exquisite detail. We use this information to plan surgical cancer treatments that preserve more healthy tissue. Find out more about neurology and brain tumor research.
  • Improving quality of life: We are helping cancer survivors regain their strength and sense of wellness by completing a triathlon that includes swimming, running and bicycling. Our researchers also work with participants to learn more about the long-term benefits of exercise after cancer. Read more about Team Phoenix: Survivorship Redefined.

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