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The Aurora Difference

At the Leading Edge of Heart Care

Aurora Health Care’s nationally ranked cardiology and cardiovascular program offers some of the best available care. Through clinical trials, we are shaping the next generation of treatments – new options for longer-lasting results and ultimately, healthy and happy people.

Experts in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

More than 500 subjects participated in Aurora’s cardiology and cardiovascular clinical trials in 2016 alone. This depth of diverse data is one reason why leading medical device and drug companies trust us to study their products. In turn, people have access to even more treatment options than ever before.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Recognized expertise: When you participate in a trial at Aurora, you also receive care from some of the country’s leading cardiology and cardiovascular experts. Our heart and vascular program has ranked among the country’s top programs for five consecutive years. Learn more about heart and vascular services.
  • Innovative care close to home: Our researchers participate in national and international trials bringing the novel treatments to clinics and hospitals here in the Milwaukee area. We were the first program in Wisconsin offering a first-of-its-kind bioresorbable stent. This device strengthens damaged blood vessels and dissolves after the vessel is fully healed.
  • Collaboration: We make it easy for trial sponsors to work with Aurora. As an integrated system, we can reduce administrative burden and open trials quickly. Read more: Sponsor a clinical trial.


What Are Clinical Trials?

New treatments are first developed in the labs of medical device and pharmaceutical (drug) companies. After the treatments pass initial safety tests, Aurora collaborates with these companies to study the treatments through participation in clinical trials.

Clinical trials include a series of phases exploring the safety and effectiveness of new treatments. Each phase answers a different question about how a treatment might work in different groups of people. Read more about clinical trials participant information.

Our Research

Testing New Heart Disease Treatments

Our work spans the full range of heart and vascular disease treatments, including medications, devices and nonsurgical techniques.

Our research interests include:

  • Devices: We participate in clinical trials testing heart devices for heart failure. Ventricular assist devices take over the pumping action of your heart when it can no longer keep up with the body’s needs. Aurora has been a clinical trials site for heart devices since 2000. We also study the latest valve replacement and heart rhythm devices.
  • Stent grafts: These mesh devices reinforce damaged blood vessels so blood can flow through them. We are the only site in Wisconsin testing a sophisticated new stent graft to repair the largest artery in the body (aorta). Learn more about our endovascular grafting program.
  • Medications: We are testing new medications for conditions like heart failure, pulmonary hypertension and coronary artery disease. We are also testing medications to prevent heart disease.
  • Nonsurgical procedures: We are testing a new technique for replacing heart valves (transcatheter aortic valve replacement or TAVR). This technique (cardiac catheterization) accesses the heart through an artery in your leg. Most people go home in a few days. Find out more about interventional cardiology.

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