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Collaborate With Us

We collaborate with qualified researchers on original medical research. If you have a current, patient-centered research project and need a collaborator or have an idea for a new treatment, procedure or medical device, talk to us.


Collaborating on Medical Research

Individuals, institutions, organizations and industry researchers work with us on research that will benefit our patients.

They choose Aurora because of our advanced research laboratories, expert researchers and clinicians, and modern facilities. We are ideal collaborators for even the most sophisticated research projects.

Comprehensive Choice

Research Opportunities: The Aurora Advantage

Opting to conduct a research project with us has many advantages. Not least, as one of Wisconsin’s largest regional health care systems, we offer you access to a wide variety of research environments that serve a large and diverse population.

In addition, our community, doctors and researchers support medical research. These professionals and the people they treat participate enthusiastically in furthering medical knowledge through research.

As well, when you choose us as your research collaborator, you’ll have access to:

  • Advanced laboratories: Our laboratories have the latest technologies, along with top researchers and technicians. We grow heart tissue from cells, handle viruses safely and view cells down to the molecular level. Learn about the advanced capabilities of our research laboratories.
  • Focused specialties: We have several specialty programs focusing on specific areas of research, including cancer treatment, heart health and brain and nervous system disorders. Read about our nationally and internationally recognized specialty research programs.
  • Extraordinary participation: The people we care for are active participants in our research. Of our 1.2 million current patients, between 60 and 70 percent of those who are eligible consent to let us use their blood or tissue samples to advance medical research.


Collaboration Highlights

Our collaborators have worked with us to develop new diagnostic tests, medical devices, procedures, drugs and interventions.

Some of our current collaborations include:

  • Breast cancer identification: Our Biorepository and Specimen Resource Center works with Celcuity, a biotechnology company, to develop more accurate diagnostic tests for specific types of breast cancer.
  • Blood thinners and genes: Can a person’s genetic makeup affect how blood thinners work? Aurora researchers collaborate with teams from Harvard Medical School and University of Minnesota to search through a medical records database of 350,000 people for answers.
  • Chemotherapy and heart problems: With our innovators at Wake Forest, we’re investigating whether Atorvastatin, a popular cholesterol-lowering drug, can minimize or mitigate damage to your heart from chemotherapy.

Explore Our Research Programs

Center for Integrative Research on Cardiovascular Aging (CIRCA)

Researchers study the aging heart down to the molecular level to improve treatments.

Heart Research

Translational Oncology Research: Quest for Understanding & Exploration (TORQUE)

Doctors and researchers work to discover better treatments and improve the quality of life for people with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Research

Early-Phase Clinical Trials

Our teams participate in small-group, early clinical trials of new treatments or procedures for people diagnosed with cancer.

Clinical Trials

Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute

Surgeons, doctors and researchers develop safer and more effective brain surgery procedures and treatment options.

Neurology and Brain Tumor Research

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