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Donate to Research

Support medical discovery and research innovation

Original medical research develops new treatments, techniques and innovations to improve health outcomes and quality of life. You can support this important effort through your donation.


Investigator-Initiated Medical Research

Aurora Health Care provides high-quality, comprehensive health care to our communities. We go even further with our work to discover new and beneficial treatments.

Our physicians and researchers regularly develop treatments, medications, medical devices or surgical techniques. Aurora experts study them to ensure they are:

  • Beneficial and effective
  • Feasible and cost effective
  • High-quality and meritorious
  • Likely to be successful

For concepts that meet all of these requirements, we provide or seek the necessary funding to begin a formal research project.

Donors like you can make a difference. Every dollar you donate goes toward research that has potential direct benefits for people in our region and beyond.

Patient-Centered Research

Original Research: Transforming innovative research into extraordinary care

All our research is conducted with the patient in mind. You know your research donation will be spent locally and lead to benefits in your community.

Research at Aurora pushes the frontiers of medical knowledge further every day. Our research programs offer:

  • Advanced laboratories and the latest technologies: We can grow heart tissue from cells, handle viruses safely and view cellular mechanisms down to the molecular level. Learn about the capabilities of our research laboratories.
  • Focused expertise and specialties: Several specialty programs focus resources and expertise on specific areas of research, including cancer treatment, heart health and neurosciences. Read about our nationally and internationally recognized specialty research programs.
  • Patient-centered research: Our physicians and scientists identify novel ways to improve health care or close treatment gaps based on real experiences in care settings.


Choose the Research Area You Want to Support

We continuously initiate new research projects across multiple medical specialties. You can donate to a general research fund or to a specific specialty fund.

Our specific research funds include:

  • Patient-Centered Research Fund: This general fund distributes funding to research projects across many medical fields based on need.
  • Discovery Laboratory Fund: You can help fund the equipment, technologies and expert staff at our innovative research laboratory. From growing cells to imaging tumors to harnessing viruses to combat disease, we can do it at Discovery Laboratory.
  • Cancer Research Awards Fund: Your donation supports research into treatments for cancer or ways to identify or prevent cancer.
  • Cardiac Research Awards Fund: This annual award supports new treatments and procedures for heart conditions and disease.
  • Neurosciences Research Awards Fund: You can support research into conditions affecting the nervous system and brain, including cancers of the brain and spine.
  • Orthopedic Research Fund: You can support research into conditions affecting bones and joints.
  • Other: You can specify an area of research or a specific project to fund.

Donate to Research

Support lifesaving medical research at Aurora.

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