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Sponsor a Clinical Trial

Aurora Health Care is an active and enthusiastic participant in clinical trials that may benefit our patients. We provide sponsors with the expertise and tools to successfully conduct trials of innovative treatments and procedures.


Access to Clinical Trials

Access to clinical trials is one element in our comprehensive commitment to our community. Our participation in clinical trials brings access to the investigational medical treatments, innovations and techniques to our region.

We are currently participating in hundreds of clinical trials in the areas of:

  • oncology (cancer)
  • cardiology (heart)
  • neuroscience (brain and nervous system)


Clinical Trials: The Aurora Advantage

At Aurora – one of Wisconsin’s largest regional health care systems – you’ll find the infrastructure, population, expert staff and commitment to carry out high-quality, ethical clinical trials.

We have the experience and structures in place to effectively and efficiently run clinical trials, with advantages including:

  • Rapid recruitment: Our caregivers see over 1.2 million people annually. With more than 3,000 doctors and over 100 locations, including 15 hospitals, we can rapidly recruit people who meet criteria and want to participate in a clinical trial.
  • Diverse population: Our catchment area is large and covers rural and urban populations. We treat people of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Centralized coordination: As an integrated health system, we have one team that negotiates and handles clinical trial contracts across the Aurora system. This centralization reduces costs and paperwork for sponsors and makes administrative startup short and simple.
  • Single institutional review board (IRB): One IRB approves clinical trials across our system. Sponsors save time and cost by not having to submit multiple proposals for approval.
  • Advanced research laboratories: We have invested in equipping and staffing laboratories where we can do original research, process specimens and analyze samples. Learn more about our advanced research laboratories


Cancer, Heart & Neuroscience Trials

We participate in hundreds of clinical trials at any one time. What they all have in common are potential benefits to future patients and high-quality, ethical standards.

Our sponsors include pharmaceutical and device companies, academic institutions, government bodies and charitable foundations. Current and recent clinical trials include:

  • Preventing heart failure with statins during chemotherapy: We are trying to determine whether atorvastatin (a drug used to lower cholesterol) decreases the chance of developing heart problems in women receiving anthracycline-based chemotherapy for breast cancer. The trial is sponsored by Wake Forest University Health Sciences, in collaboration with National Cancer Institute.
  • Regenerating heart muscles after heart attacks: We are testing the safety and effectiveness of cardiac stem cells from donors in regenerating heart muscle and reducing scar size in people who have had a heart attack. The biotechnology company Capricor Inc. is sponsoring the trial.
  • Reducing nerve damage in multiple sclerosis: In a trial sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals, we are comparing the effectiveness and safety of atumumab versus the standard treatment, teriflunomide, in people with relapsing multiple sclerosis.

Sponsor a Clinical Trial

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