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Neurology & Brain Tumor Research

Neurology & BrainTumor Research

Lee's story

Lee credits the groundbreaking brain cancer treatment he received at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center with saving his life. Watch his inspirational story.

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The Aurora Difference

At Aurora, the Future Looks Bright.

Research at Aurora Health Care is forging new care paths for conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord. Our researchers are taking existing treatments and making them better. We’re also working toward solutions for conditions where no treatments existed, including deep-seated brain tumors. We’re doing everything we can to help people have a bright future.

Innovative Neuroscience Research

Doctors and scientists at Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute are working tirelessly toward the treatments of tomorrow. This unique research environment features a dedicated research lab and best-in-class neurosurgery technology.

Highlights of our research program include:

  • World-class care: Our neurosurgery capabilities are among some of the best in the world. Operating suites at Aurora feature first-in-the-world surgical technology. Yet it is our ability to use these tools to improve the lives that makes our program truly exceptional. Learn more about the Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute research program.
  • Access to new treatments before they’re widely available: We collaborate with industry leaders, including drug (pharmaceutical) and device companies, to study treatments through clinical trials. At Aurora, all people have the opportunity to be considered for a trial. Find out more about neurology and brain tumor clinical trials.
  • First-in-the-world technologies: Our neurosurgery program is the first using surgical tools with 3-D imaging and GPS positioning. These technologies allow us to safely remove brain tumors that were previously considered inoperable. Find out more about neurology and brain tumor translational research.

Our Research

Neurologic Disease and Brain Tumor Research

At every turn, we’re finding better ways to care for people with neurological disorders and brain tumors.

Our research interests include:

  • Uncovering the basic science behind brain tumors: Instead of discarding brain tumor tissue, our stem cell researchers study it in the lab. We are making great strides in understanding the biologic processes that give way to brain tumors and brain cancer. Learn more about our Biorepository and Specimen Resource Center.
  • Making surgery safer: We are using sophisticated technology to remove tumors in hard-to-reach areas through a dime-sized opening in the skull. Read more about our minimally invasive approach.
  • Helping people achieve good results: Clinical trials at Aurora may help people live longer, with a better quality of life. We are studying new devices that lower the risk of life-threatening conditions like stroke. We are also studying new combinations of medications for complex brain tumors.
  • Providing unique clinical trials: We are advancing brain tumor and brain cancer care by combining treatments in ways that best meet the needs of each person. For example, we tailor doses of a medication that stops blood flow to the tumor after radiation. By giving the medication at just the right time, we may be able to add years to people’s lives. Our research team designed the trial, and it is available only at Aurora.

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