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The Aurora Difference

A New Era Is Here

Aurora Health Care treats a high volume of people with neurologic conditions like stroke and epilepsy. This means that our neurologists and neurosurgeons have a high level of experience. But we aspire to do more. We are ushering in a new era of care and treatment through clinical trials.

Neurology and Neurosurgery Research Experts

The future of neurologic care is at Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute. The institute brings together expertise, technology and our unwavering commitment to helping people thrive. Find out more about the Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute research program.

Highlights of our program include:

  • World-renowned expertise: The neurosciences program at Aurora is led by a neurosurgeon whose expertise and accomplishments have ushered in a new era of surgical care. In fact, doctors from around the world look to our team for answers on their toughest cases. Meet our leadership team.
  • Access to national trials: Aurora participates in prestigious clinical trial networks, like the National Institutes of Health’s StrokeNet. This network includes the country’s top stroke centers and gives you access to the latest advances in stroke care. Find out more about our comprehensive stroke center.
  • High ethical standards: All members of our clinical trials team adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. This means the safety, comfort and wellness of our participants is our highest priority. Find out more about integrity and quality.


What Is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials test the safety and effectiveness of new treatments. Trials include four phases (Phases I to IV) exploring answers to different questions about how a treatment may work in different groups of people.

New treatments start in the labs of medical device and drug companies. After the treatments pass initial safety tests, Aurora collaborates with the companies to perform clinical trials. In fact, Aurora offers access to early-phase (Phase II) clinical trials for head and neck cancer. Find out more about our early-phase clinical trials.

At Aurora, all people have the opportunity to be considered for a trial. Learn more: Clinical trials participant information.

Our Research

Testing New Treatments for Neurologic Disorders

Research at Aurora is advancing neurological disorder prevention and treatment.

Our research interests include:

  • World-class care: Our neurosurgery capabilities are among some of the best in the world. Operating suites at Aurora feature first-in-the-world surgical technology. Yet it is our ability to use these tools to improve the lives that makes our program truly exceptional. Learn more about Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute research program.
  • Effectiveness of multiple sclerosis (MS) drugs: We are part of a global effort to better understand the effectiveness of the MS drug, dimethyl fumarate. This five-year study is exploring the reasons people may need to stop taking the drug, which may include infections and kidney problems. Learn more about multiple sclerosis care at Aurora.
  • Devices that help maintain blood flow to the brain: We are testing implantable mesh devices (stents) to protect people with aneurysms from stroke. An aneurysm happens when a weak spot in a blood vessel fills with blood. The stent reinforces the weak spot and lowers your risk of stroke. Read more about neuroendovascular care.
  • Access to new cancer-fighting drugs (chemotherapy): After surgery, chemotherapy may prevent a tumor from coming back. We are one of a few hospitals in the Midwest participating in the National Institutes of Health’s Adult Brain Tumor Consortium. Our participation gives you access to new drugs before they are widely available. Our neuro-oncologists use these drugs in innovative combinations to help you achieve exceptional results.

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