Grant FundingSponsored Programs Office (SPO)

Patient-Centered Research

Aurora Health Care researchers develop new treatments, improve quality of life and save or prolong lives through patient-centered research. Here, you’ll get the support you need to coordinate and oversee funding for your original medical research projects.


Research Funding: The SPO Advantage

If you need funding for your research, you must submit funding requests through SPO.

Our reviewers will ensure your funding proposal meets Aurora’s high quality and ethical standards and is sufficient for your project to succeed.

Our skilled and dedicated funding specialists help support, streamline and manage the funding process from your first funding request through the completion of your medical research project or program.

You can get assistance with:

  • Funding approval: The SPO must approve all Aurora grant proposals before submission. Approval confirms that your proposal meets our high quality standards.
  • Compliance: Many funding sources require you to report on progress, verify expenditures and publish outcomes.
  • Management: Award-management experts help you manage your resources and stay within budget.
  • Advice: We can direct you to possible funding sources. We also can help you develop and edit your funding applications.


What Is a Sponsored Research Program?

A sponsored program is any research program funded internally or externally.

Aurora acts as the applicant for the administration of all its sponsored research programs.

Our sponsored programs have a:

  • Program leader: The principal investigator (PI) or program director (PD) oversees the project and reports its outcomes.
  • Defined scope or objective: Sponsored programs have clear objectives that state the program’s scope and goals.
  • Resource agreement: A contract or other formal agreement must account for program funding, materials, compensation and cost sharing.


Medical Research Funding Support

You’ll have support from your first funding proposal through project completion. Our services include:

  • Grant development: Grant-development specialists can help you edit or reformulate your grant or funding requests. Learn more about grant development.
  • Internal grants: We list, update and explain the grants and funds available within Aurora. Find out about internal grant opportunities.
  • External grants and funding: There are many external sources of funding for medical research. We list current opportunities and can direct you to additional external funding sources. Discover external grant opportunities.
  • Award management: Once you have received a grant or award, we can manage your budget and ensure you comply with all reporting requirements. Learn about the support you can get for grant award management.
  • Step-by-step guide: We describe the funding process from initial proposal to completion. Follow our research projects guide.

Grant Support

Grant Specialists on Hand

Your time and energy should be devoted to lifesaving research, not filling out paperwork. That’s why we have specialists to ease grant application and management burdens off your shoulders throughout the grant life cycle:

  • Pre-award specialists research funding sources and help you apply for grants.
  • Post-award specialists manage budgets and spending and help you comply with funding, state and federal requirements.


SPO Grant Submission

Principal investigators and program directors can email us to obtain grant submission support.

How to Participate

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