Grant Award Management

Step 1

Gather Your Research Team

To begin your research project, you’ll need to confirm the availability of team members. Make sure you have the right combination of skills and expertise.

Most research teams include:

  • Internal investigators
  • Project coordinator(s)
  • Research associates
  • Biostatistician
  • External principal investigator or team

Step 2

Meet Your Post-Award Specialist

The research grant team provides a post-award specialist. The specialist will help you coordinate your team, manage your budget and comply with reporting and other requirements.

To reach out to your post-award specialist, contact us at

Step 3


All Aurora Health Care research must receive preauthorization. Preauthorization ensures research meets our high quality and ethical standards and will produce real medical benefits.

Read more about grant submission and Research Administration Preauthorization (RAP).

Step 4

Project Approval

Once you have research administrative preauthorization, you can apply for Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Usage Committee (IACUC) approval:

If you need regulatory support, your post-award specialist will help you find the aligned regulatory specialist for your project.

Step 5

Business Services for Research

Our Research Business Services (RBS) team will be your liaison with the Legal Services Department to help you decipher and understand the legal obligations associated with your research, as well as the financial obligations including:

  • Contracts and agreements: Consult the RBS team before you sign agreements, contracts or other legal documents related to your research.
  • Medical Coverage Analysis: If your research includes costs of care, RBS must perform a Medical Coverage Analysis (MCA) before you begin. We’ll set up appropriate research billing to charge costs to your award, not to people’s medical accounts.

Learn more about Research Business Services.

Step 6

Research & Intellectual Property

It is important to understand your rights and obligations regarding intellectual property involved in research projects. You’ll be able to understand which innovations can receive copyright laws or other protections. We also can help you place a monetary value on your research ideas or outcomes.

Find out more about Research Innovation Development.

How to Participate

Find out more about ways to participate in research.

Collaborate With Aurora

Bring our expertise and data to your research program.

Make a Donation

Your donation can help fund critical research or help to develop new medical products.

Become a Research Sponsor

You can sponsor original research or clinical trials.