Internal Grant Opportunities

We support important, original patient-centered medical research with funds available to Aurora Health Care researchers and clinicians. If you have a great research idea, you could qualify for one of our intramural funding opportunities.


Internal Funding Opportunities

Aurora Research Institute and Aurora Health Care Foundation support critical patient-centered medical research by offering six funding awards.

Aurora principal investigators (PIs) with current or proposed research projects may be eligible for these awards. Our funding specialists will help you identify, apply for, manage and distribute your project funds.

Remember, you must submit all funding applications through the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO).


Intramural Medical Research Awards

We offer six funding awards to Aurora researchers and clinicians. You can use these funds alone or in addition to other funding.

Each award provides funding for up to one year.

  • Cardiac Research Award, $40,000: Supporting cardiac research, including all aspects of cardiology, interventional cardiology and electrophysiology
  • Sullivan Cardiac Research Award for Residents and Fellows, $30,000: A non-renewable, one-year grant supporting cardiac research by cardiovascular residents and fellows
  • Cardiovascular Surgery Research Award, $50,000: Supporting research into cardiovascular surgery, including cardiac, cardiothoracic, thoracic and transplant surgeries
  • Oncology Research Award, $25,000: Supporting research aimed at eradicating cancer and improving health outcomes through detection, treatment, education and prevention
  • Aurora Cardiovascular Services Research Support Fund: Supporting cardiovascular research by providing funds for conference presentations, publishing and small, innovative research projects
  • Research Seed Grant Program: Cultivating new researchers and research projects by providing lean funding to enable the generation of pilot data for research proposals competitive for publication and extramural support

The application periods are staggered throughout the year. 

To learn more about the awards and our application criteria, read the Intramural Research Awards Guidelines (PDF download). To talk to an award specialist, please send us an email.


Securing Medical Research Funds: How SPO Can Help

Quality research requires adequate funding. Our funding specialists are here to guide you through every step of the funding process.

Contact us for advice and guidance with:

  • Funding needs: Ask us about estimating the costs of research components like researcher hours, materials and supplies, and travel expenses. Together, we will calculate the funds needed to complete your research project.
  • Applications: The application process can be daunting and time consuming. Our specialists can walk you through the process of submitting internal funding applications.
  • Budget management: When you receive an award or grant, our budget specialists can help you manage the funds. You can get help tracking expenditures and balancing them against remaining funds to stay within budget.
  • Compliance: Many grants or awards require the PI to report on progress, expenditures and outcomes at prescribed intervals. You can receive timely reminders to comply with these requirements and any state and federal requirements.

Forms & Worksheets

Letter of Intent

Fill out this brief template to let us know you are interested in applying for an award. Our review takes five business days.

Download PDF

Intramural Proposal Packet

Find the official award application, sample budgets, worksheets and a checklist to make sure you have completed everything.

Download PDF

No-Cost Extension Request

Fill this form out if you need more time to complete a project, without additional funds.

Download PDF

Second-Year Funding Request

If you want additional funding for a second year, please complete this form.

Download PDF

More Funding Opportunities

If you are a PI with a research idea, and you need additional funding for your project, our funding specialists can research and identify external grant opportunities that might be right for you.

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