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Research Administrative Preauthorization (RAP)

Research Excellence

At Aurora Health Care, we build our research on strong clinical, academic and ethical foundations. RAP helps researchers ensure their projects are patient-centered, feasible, valuable, ethical and meritorious before they begin.


Quality Research: The RAP Advantage

When you come up with great ideas for research projects, we’re here to help make them happen.

  • Preauthorization requirement: Your proposed research project must get preauthorization through our office before it can be started or submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Usage Committee (IACUC) for approval.
  • Efficient first step: Preauthorization ensures your research proposal meets Aurora’s requirements for quality and merit before you go through the effort and expense of drafting a formal proposal.
  • Speedy process: We try to respond to your submission within two to three weeks.
  • Valuable feedback: Our research experts provide constructive feedback on all aspects of your research proposal. We can help you identify the strengths and any weaknesses of your project.


Components of Successful Research Projects

At Aurora, we expect our research to be of the highest quality and align with our philosophies and values. Research projects that secure preauthorization show how they will likely be successful, including:

  • Clinical significance: Explain how the research will lead to clear benefits for people and their treatment.
  • Scientific merit: Show the project has merit and is an appropriate subject for investigation.
  • Feasibility: Demonstrate that the research can be done using current technologies, data, personnel and facilities.
  • Sufficient resources: Determine if available funding, personnel and facilities are enough for the project.
  • Anticipated outcomes: Have a clear understanding of what the anticipated outcomes may mean for the medical and scientific community.
  • Clinical endpoints: Determine the clinical endpoints to be used to test your hypothesis. Learn more about clinically validated endpoints

Quality Versus Research

Does Your Project Require Preauthorization?

Only research projects need preauthorization through RAP and formal approval through IRB or IACUC. Quality projects do not need preauthorization or formal approval. Learn more about IRB policies and procedures.

If you are unsure which type of project you’re undertaking, use this as a guide:

  • Research projects: These projects involve research into techniques, treatments or approaches that will improve care across the field. The outcomes will be made public to inform providers of the results.
  • Quality projects: Projects focusing on quality study techniques, treatments or approaches within the Aurora Health Care community are quality projects. The outcomes are intended to improve care within our system.

Review Process

RAP Resources Process

After you receive preauthorization, we can help you identify any resources you need to complete your research.

Our Resources Review Committee will review your resource needs while the IRB reviews your formal proposal. This simultaneous review expedites the process so you can begin your research more quickly.

Additional Help

Research Assistance Services We Provide

We are here to help you do successful research. We can advise you and assist with the following elements of your proposal:

  • Research design
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Biospecimens
  • Business contracting
  • Statistical support
  • Research coordinators
  • Publishing

Preauthorization Submission

Have an idea ready for preauthorization? Submit the RAP form to get started.

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