Research Business Services

ResearchBusiness Services


Business Services That Support World-Class Research

We help researchers navigate the business aspects of research regardless of funding source. Our services, which include budgeting and contracting, allow Aurora Health Care researchers to focus on what’s most important – world-class medical research that may benefit the people we serve.

Research Business Services

Research Business Services is a support department within the Aurora Research Institute at Aurora. Our team is here to serve Aurora researchers working with governmental agencies, industry sponsors or other institutions.

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Our Services

Business Operations Support for Research at Aurora

Our team of specialists provides assistance and serves as a resource to facilitate the business operations components that support collaborative and compliant research.

Our services include:

  • Contracting services: If your research involves collaborations with outside partners or transfer of data or specimens, we help you navigate these intricate arrangements by negotiating the necessary agreements. Read more about research contracting services.
  • Budgeting services: We help plan and manage budgets through all phases of research. Our services include everything from pre-award pricing estimates to cost analysis and negotiation. Learn more about research budgeting services.
  • Medical coverage analysis: Some research activities, like lab tests and procedures, incur billable medical costs. Our team takes the hassle out of determining whether these costs should be billed to a person’s health insurance or the research sponsor before initiating the project.

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