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TaxFlex: Get Payment Summaries for Your Taxes or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Need a payment summary for your Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? Looking for a copy of your health care bill for tax purposes? We can help. Choose the type of payment summary you need and access your summary via MyAdvocateAurora, secure message, mail or phone.


4 Types of Payment Summaries

We offer four different types of payment summaries that can be used for taxes, FSAs or any other reason.

  1. Detail Bill: This type of summary shows you all charges and payments (including insurance and patient payments) for specific dates of service. A charge is the amount billed directly to you or your insurance company. A payment is the amount you or your insurance company has already paid toward your bill.
  2. Guarantor Statement: This is a bill that shows all charges – and payments applied to those charges – at the time the statement was printed. A guarantor is the person or group responsible for payment to Aurora. The Guarantor Statement is automatically sent to the guarantor each month there’s a balance due on the guarantor account.
  3. Payment Summary: This is a list of all recent payments made. It includes the date each payment was posted and the payment method used. It does not list the date of service.
  4. Guarantor Payment Letter: This is a list, in letter format, of all of the payments posted to a guarantor account within a calendar year. It includes the date we processed your payment and the date the payment was applied to the account. It does not include the date of service.

Unsure about certain billing terms? See our easy-to-understand glossary of medical billing terminology.

Get a Summary

How to Access Your Summaries

There are four different ways to access the four different types of payment summaries.

MyAdvocateAurora Email Mail Phone
Detail Bill × × ×
Guarantor Statement × ×
Payment Summary ×
Guarantor Payment Letter × × ×

  1. Sign in to MyAdvocateAurora

    From your MyAdvocateAurora account, you can:

    • Print a Payment Summary of any payments that have posted to your account
    • Reprint any Guarantor Statement that you’ve received within the last 15 months

    To access and print a Payment Summary or Guarantor Statement:

    1. Sign in to your MyAdvocateAurora account.
    2. Select Billing > View & Pay Your Bill.
    3. Under Last Payment, choose See Recent Payments.
    4. Choose a date range.
    5. Select View Payments.
  2. Send us a message

    If you need a Guarantor Payment Letter or Detail Bill, you can send us a request via secure message.

    Be sure to include:

    • All patient names
    • All patient dates of birth
    • Which document(s) you need

    Send us a message

  3. Mail your request

    Mail your request for a Guarantor Payment Letter or Detail Bill to:

    Aurora Health Care
    Patient Contact Center
    P. O. Box 343918
    Milwaukee, WI 53134-3918

    If you need a Guarantor Payment Letter or Detail Bill for Aurora at Home services, mail your request to:

    Aurora at Home
    P.O. Box 270068
    West Allis, WI 53227-7202

    In your request, be sure to include all patient names, dates of birth and which documents you need.

  4. Give us a call

    The first quarter of the year — tax time — can be a busy time to call the Patient Contact Center. If you need to request a summary during this time, it’s best to do so through MyAdvocateAurora, secure message or by mail.

    If you’re unable to use any of these options, you can request a Guarantor Payment Letter, Detail Bill or Guarantor Statement via phone.

    Call 800-326-2250 for English or 866-629-6033 for Spanish to speak with a representative. For Aurora at Home, call 877-576-3545.

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