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49 Years of Heart Transplant Excellence [Video]

Some of us remember the first heart transplant in the world. It took place in December 1967 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Extending the lives of deathly ill patients through this ground-breaking medical innovation was revolutionary. But the life-saving advancement made a world away that day didn’t end there. Aurora Health Care surgeons performed the first heart transplantation in the Midwest less than ten months later.

This year Aurora is commemorating the 49th anniversary of that first heart transplant at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Those first surgeries — one a world away and one in our back yard — paved the way for the world-class care that patients receive today.

Some 900 people so far have received a heart transplant at Aurora St. Luke’s. That’s 900 families that have been given precious time with a loved one.

Watch our special video to see more about how the spirit of those early pioneering surgeries continues to help people live well today.

Watch the short video marking 49 years of heart transplants now!

Meet the Author

Vinay Thohan, MD is a cardiologist at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center In Milwaukee, WI.

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