6 Embarrassing Pregnancy Questions Answered

Many OB visits end with an awkward pause. You have a pregnancy question you’re dying to ask your doctor, but feel it’s too weird or embarrassing.  So you hesitate.  Rest assured: your doctor has heard it all. To prevent that awkward – “Should I or shouldn’t I ask?” moment – we’ve compiled a list of things you always wanted to ask your doctor about pregnancy but were too embarrassed to ask.

1. Is it Really Okay to Have Sex?

Absolutely.   Intercourse is completely safe during pregnancy, unless your doctor has advised you to abstain because of a specific medical condition.

2. I’m Having Mixed Feelings About Sex.  Is That Normal?

Yes. Many pregnant women have mixed emotions.  You may notice an increase in your sex drive or the exact opposite. A decreased sex drive is often linked to the nausea and fatigue of the first trimester as well as the physical changes occurring as your baby grows.  Or, feeling close to your partner and the increase in blood flow to the area could increase your drive. The fact is your feelings about sex can change throughout the pregnancy. The best advice is to be honest with your significant other about how you’re feeling and what you are comfortable with doing. Partners often have mixed feelings, too, so being open helps a lot.

3. I Think I Am Peeing on Myself.

Stress incontinence – leaking urine when you cough or laugh – is quite common during pregnancy.  Several factors cause the condition.  First:  increasing hormone levels relax the smooth muscle of the bladder, making you more likely to leak.  Second:  as your baby grows, the head puts pressure on your bladder. Because the bladder is located right in front of the uterus, the additional pressure caused by the baby changing positions can cause you to leak.

4. The Baby’s Come, but I’m Still Having the “Pee Problem.”  Help.

Incontinence frequently resolves after birth, but can take time to completely go away.  If your symptoms continue more than two months after the birth of your baby, talk to your doctor.

5. What Is with All the Vaginal Discharge?

This is a common condition, especially as you head into the third trimester.  Pregnancy increases estrogen levels, which leads to an increase in discharge. It is typically normal in appearance and does not itch.  However, it can lead to some vaginal irritation due to rubbing against sensitive skin.  Yeast and other bacterial infections are also common in pregnancy, so if the discharge burns or itches, call your doctor’s office.

6. I Get Shooting Pains into My Vagina, What Is Going On?

These zingers can take you by surprise and be so intense they take your breath away. You’re more apt to experience this sensation the second half of your pregnancy. The pain is usually due to stretch on the round ligament – the ligament that supports the uterus. Because this ligament attaches deep within the pelvis, pressure on the round ligament can cause a sharp, sometimes shooting pain when the baby gets into certain positions (or even if you change positions).  The pain is usually intermittent and lasts only a few minutes.  It’s a frustrating and uncomfortable problem, but is not a sign for concern.

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Kathleen M. Powell Mattioli, MD is an OBGYN at Aurora Women’s Care Center in both West Allis and Franklin, WI.

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