Acne—How Can You Prevent and Treat It? Video

Most of us at some point have looked in the mirror and seen that unwelcome skin affliction known as acne. In fact about 80 percent of us have had acne — most likely between the ages of 11 and 30.

What causes acne? Some of the factors that might cause it include:

  • Hormone changes in adolescence.
  • Hormone changes in pregnancy.
  • Starting or stopping birth control pills.
  • Heredity (your odds of getting it are higher if your parents had it).
  • Some medications.
  • Greasy makeup.

How can you prevent and treat acne? Dr. William LeFeber, dermatologist with Aurora Health Care, shares professional tips in this special video report.


If you have acne issues, see your health care professional. You’ll get help to:

  • Heal your pimples.
  • Stop new pimples.
  • Prevent scarring.

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Meet the Author

William Polk LeFeber, MD is a dermatologist at Aurora Health Center, Good Hope Road, Milwaukee, WI.

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