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Connor’s Magic Moment – An Athlete Lives His Dream

Teamwork is an essential part of life. It’s taught at a young age as children participate in sports and even social activities.

The understanding of teamwork continues to mature as students head into elementary, middle and high school, and throughout their collegiate years. Teamwork helps young people – and all people for that matter – learn that they need to rely on each other to have great success.

In medicine, teamwork is critical. We work together to make sure the patient’s needs are met, and that we help patients and their families get back to living their dreams.

We help patients every day achieving both big and small dreams. To some, it may be getting back to what they love – gardening, playing with their grandkids or enjoying trips to the lake.

Sometimes though a story just stands out and makes you smile. Connor’s story is one of them.

Connor was a high school student who was passionate about sports. Sports helped develop his foundation, his friendships and his memories. But prior to his senior year, Connor experienced an injury, and his dream season was put on hold.

Our team sat down with Connor’s team – his family – and we told him we could help him. Through advancements in shoulder rehabilitation and ongoing therapy, we were able to help Connor experience his personal “One Shining Moment.” Click here to see Connor’s story.

Our team is thrilled every time we hear stories of patients like Connor who continue to get to dream and get to keep chasing their hopes and aspirations.

Meet the Author

Loren Mark Potter, DO is an Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in hand and upper-extremity procedures at Aurora Health Center in Oshkosh, WI.

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