First Triplets Born at Aurora Summit Hospital

Some great things come in threes: primary colors, circus rings and babies!

The first triplets — three healthy babies — were recently born at Aurora Medical Center in Summit.

Triplets Hannah, Logan and Blake went home with parents Susan and Brian Malack of Hartland, WI, about three weeks after the babies’ birth. The triplets were delivered at 33 weeks by Dr. Pat Sims, OBGYN at Aurora Medical Center in Summit.

Dr. Sims and the staff of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) credit the hospital’s many rehearsals and run-throughs before the babies’ birthday with helping to ensure a positive outcome for mom and babies.

“The delivery went much more smoothly because of the practice we did,” said Dr. Sims.

The staff used three separate operating rooms to run through the drill of delivering the three babies quickly and safely. Dr. Sims assisted in a triplet delivery as a resident, but this was the first time he has delivered triplets in over 20 years working as an OBGYN.

The staff anticipated that the babies would be born early, but we were pleased that the babies made it to 33-weeks gestation.

The extra effort on the hospital’s part was not lost on the parents.

“We are so grateful for the practice the staff did,” said mom Susan Malack.

The babies spent three weeks in the NICU at Aurora Medical Center in Summit and each baby was released separately over three days, allowing the new parents to ease into parenthood.

“The staff here treated them like their own babies, so that made it easier for us to go home at night,” said dad Brian Malack, who described the triplets’ birth as “scary and joyous at the same time.”

While in the hospital, the babies met their pediatrician, Dr. Beth Keefe. Her work with the babies began after their hospital discharge. She shared some reassurance with the new parents about raising three babies at once: “It will be hard, but we’ll get through it together,” Dr. Keefe told the Malacks. “It really does take a village.”

Susan agreed and expressed her gratitude to her family and friends.

“We’ve had a lot of friends and family support, and a lot of help along the way to get ready to bring these babies home,” said Susan, whose mother, Pat Cavanaugh, recently moved in with the family to help care for the triplets.

The NICU staff at Aurora Medical Center in Summit had one last gift for the triplets as they left the hospital – Aurora Health Care onesies, made by NICU nurse, Dawn Hron.

If you’re planning a pregnancy or expecting, help is available for mom and baby. A specialist in obstetrics and gynecology can help guide new parents through the entire prenatal and birth process.

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