From Texas to Wisconsin to Save Her Life [Video]

This story starts with a simple headache. The person with the headache was Valerie Johnson, a fit, 36-year-old woman from Austin, Texas.

But Valerie’s headache wouldn’t go away. She visited her doctor in Texas. After multiple exams and tests, her doctor shocked her with the diagnosis: Valerie was suffering from hemorrhaging — bleeding — in her brain, a life-threatening condition.

Her health care team in Texas did not have the capacity to treat her critical health issue, so her doctor referred her to a specialist at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee. 

What happened next? Watch the intriguing video report on Valerie’s journey from Texas to Wisconsin and then to the O.R. for state-of-the-art surgery and a return to health.
 Valerie Johnson

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Meet the Author

Amin Kassam, MD, is an internationally renowned, board-certified neurosurgeon at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee, WI.

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