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Instant Family: The Malack Triplets Are Growing

On May 12, 2017, Aurora Medical Center in Summit delivered its first set of triplets. Blake, Hannah and Logan Malack have had a busy year so far and more big things are ahead for them. You’re invited along for the ride! Enjoy the first in this video series that profiles their amazing journey so far.

Follow along as the children have their 2-month checkup with Aurora pediatrician Dr. Beth Keefe at Aurora Health Center in Hartland. The triplets’ parents reflect on what it was like to find out they were having triplets, how the babies are doing and if anyone is getting any sleep.

Members of the labor and delivery team share what it was like to deliver three babies at once. The caregivers at Aurora Medical Center in Summit ran through several drills before the big day to ensure they were prepared for any scenario. Hear from the medical team who happily brought the babies into the world, including Dr. Pat Sims, OBGYN, neonatologist Dr. Brooke King and nurse practitioner Megan Luh.

Watch the video and catch up with the Malack triplets!

In the second video, the babies have their 4-month visit with Dr. Keefe and Blake starts physical therapy to strengthen his neck muscles. The babies are starting to scoot, are more alert and thankfully, are sleeping better at night.

Check out the latest video in this series!


Be sure to check back at the Aurora blog for the next video in this series. Also, watch the Aurora Facebook page for updates on the family leading up to their first birthday.

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