Is Olympic Inspiration Motivating You?

Every four years people all over the world celebrate the accomplishments of exceptional athletes at the Olympics. Seeing what others can achieve through their efforts inspires a lot of us to see what we can do to strengthen our physical abilities.

In fact, a recent survey by Aurora Health Care found lots of people are motivated to improve their physical fitness thanks to our Olympians.

  • 11 percent of us have increased physical activity after watching the Olympic athletes.
  • 13 percent expressed an interest in starting or increasing physical activity.
  • 20 percent found that the Olympics boosted their interest in their overall health.

What activities are people thinking of adding or increasing in their daily routines?Physical-Activity-chart

  • Walking – 71 percent
  • Cycling – 20 percent
  • Swimming – 16 percent
  • Running – 15 percent
  • Joining a gym – 13 percent

About 6 percent of survey participants are considering seeking professional help to evaluate, monitor or improve their health. Those survey participants want to receive:

  • A physical/wellness exam – 46 percent.
  • Nutrition guidance – 26 percent.
  • Support for integrative/ holistic medicine – 15 percent.


Your health care provider can offer a range of services to help you improve your physical fitness. A good first step is the get your annual physical exam or a sports physical. And check sports medicine resources online for guidance about safely participating in your favorite activities, whatever they are.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll be watching you in the Olympics in four years! Or you’ll simply improve your fitness and reduce your risks for a range of diseases. Today is the ideal day to start improving your physical fitness.

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