Midwife Changes Perception of Hospital Birth

Carin Brio had her birth plan all worked out. For the birth of her first child, she planned to use a midwife and deliver in her Woodstock, Illinois, home.

“Growing up, I didn’t use a lot of Western medicine. In fact, my mom delivered me in a home birth, so that’s all I’ve ever known,” Carin says. “I prefer the natural birthing process, personally. I knew that I didn’t prefer medical interventions.”

But things changed when Carin lost confidence in her midwife, who then recommended Carin go directly to Aurora Lakeland Medical Center in Elkhorn. There, Carin met Lisa Lockett, a Certified Nurse Midwife.

“Within five minutes of meeting Lisa, she had a grasp on the whole situation,” Carin says. “She was confident and knowledgeable, and I decided to stay with her and have her deliver my baby.”

Carin wasn’t yet ready to deliver, so she was sent home and continued her labor there for the next several days. She returned to Aurora Lakeland Medical Center Birthing Center when it was time to deliver baby Margaret.

“I loved the idea of being at home in my own environment and delivering in a way that made me most relaxed,” she says. “So it was a shock to have to transfer to the hospital. But it was the best thing that ever happened. I loved working with Lisa and the birthing center was fabulous. Even after the delivery, everyone was really friendly and helpful. I have recommended it to two other friends.”

Carin, who didn’t think she’d feel comfortable in a hospital setting, is grateful she still was able to have the safe, natural delivery she always hoped for.

Midwife changes perception of hospital birth

“This definitely changed my perception of what’s out there. If I have another child, I don’t think I’d push so hard to have a home birth; I would just deliver there again.”

For Lisa, hearing that Carin enjoyed her hospital birth so much was the ultimate compliment.

“It means I’m doing my job right,” she says. “To be able to reform someone’s ideas and beliefs about a traditional hospital birth is huge. That’s what midwifery is all about — breaking the stigma around hospital births, medical management and invasiveness.”

While usually thought of simply for childbirth, certified nurse midwives can do just about everything an OB/GYN can do, except for surgery. From wellness visits, to pap smears, even writing prescriptions.

To learn more about midwifery, visit aurora.org

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