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Knee Surgery Helps Young Father Move Again — Video

Ever have a knee that gets a bit sore? A 37-year-old father of two had knee pain that just didn’t go away. It got worse. At times the pain was debilitating.

He found his knee-pain solution in an innovative surgery called Bio Uni performed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gerard Adler at Aurora Medical Center — Summit.

The new surgery is less invasive than a total knee replacement and allows the surgeon to better restore the knee’s shape exactly. The Bio Uni is appropriate for patients under age 50 who have knee cartilage defects. The procedure is not used for generalized arthritis in the knee.

Learn more about the new surgical procedure in this special video report.


If you have concerns about knee pain, check with your health care provider. You can discuss treatment options that might work for you.

Meet the Author

Gerard G. Adler, MD is an orthopedics surgeon at the Aurora Wilkinson Medical Clinic in Summit, WI.

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