The Power of Music to Help in the Fight Against Cancer

The power of music to help in the fight against cancer

“Music can change the world.” That’s what renowned musician Ludwig Van Beethoven once said about the power of music.

If you were to ask Julie Buck, she would agree. The mother of two from Kewaskum has always loved music. Yet, in June 2016 when she found out about her recurrent lung cancer, she, like most patients, was scared and needed what she called her “happy music” more than ever.

Under the care of Dr. Rubina Qamar, an oncologist with Aurora Health Care at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, Julie began chemotherapy treatment.

Buck received some of her care at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, but chose to receive chemotherapy at the Aurora Cancer Center in Grafton since it was closer to her home. While receiving chemo treatments, Buck formed a bond with the chemotherapy nurses at the cancer center.

Tara Beyer, one of the nurses, learned how important music was to Julie, and also discovered what her happy music was — the Milwaukee-based band the BoDeans. Each day that Julie arrived for radiation treatment, she brought her headphones so she could enjoy the sounds of the BoDeans to help her get through this part of her treatment.

Tara also shares a passion for music, and sits on a committee for the local summer concert series called Cedarburg Summer Sounds. In her role, she helps plan shows throughout the summer. One of the bands slated for an appearance was Julie’s favorite: the BoDeans.

Time for the show

Just before the BoDeans August concert, Tara was at the event helping near the stage. Tara heard someone call out her name. It was Julie and her son in the awaiting crowd, so Tara went to say hello.

She wondered to herself, would the BoDeans be willing to meet their biggest fan?

Once she returned to the stage, Tara shared with the band that Julie was a huge fan. Tara asked if they would be willing to meet Julie, and, before the words came out of Tara’s mouth, the band walked out to meet Julie.

That moment, inspired by Julie’s happy music, left the patient beaming for months. Julie has continued to fight cancer since that Friday concert, but for that moment in time, Julie experienced the full joys of her happy music, which has changed her world.

Thanks to Tara and her continuous commitment to her patients, Julie had a moment she’ll never forget.


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