We’ve Made Your Aurora Billing Statements Easier

Are you one of those folks who loves to sit down and pay bills? We didn’t think so.

That’s why we’ve been working with our patients to make it easier to manage and pay Aurora Health Care bills.

One key improvement is making your billing information easier to follow. You’ll see the enhancements we’ve made on our website and in your next Aurora Health Care statement.

Online Billing Resources

The Aurora online billing resources guide at Aurora.org/billing has tips and information to help you understand and resolve your medical bills. 

The Aurora online billing and payment page allows you to:

  • Pay your bill online – day or night.
  • See how to read your bill and get the information you need.
  • If unable to pay your bill, find information to determine if you might be eligible for financial assistance
  • View guidance about insurance and claims.
  • Check FAQs for clear answers about paying your bill, dealing with insurance and applying for financial assistance.

New Billing Statements

We know you rely on billing statements to help you track:

  • Services you and your family members have received.
  • What you’ve already paid.
  • How much your insurance paid.
  • What your financial responsibility is.

Because of your feedback, Aurora has redesigned our billing statement to make it easier to find and understand important details.

The redesigned billing statement provides an easy-to-read quick summary of your account, including:

  • What you’ve paid since your last statement.
  • The total amount owed for all services you’ve been billed for.
  • If you’re on a payment plan, your monthly payment amount and payment balance.
  • The amount due now.

To help you keep track of it all, the full details behind that summary are also described in the statement.

Your statements are always available for you to view in MyAdvocateAurora. Simply sign into MyAdvocateAurora to view your current or past statements.

More Resources

Have you visited Aurora.org/billing and still have questions about your bill? Call Customer Care at (800) 326-2250. We know medical care and medical billing can be challenging. We’re patients, too. And we’re here to help you!

Meet the Author

Julie Kallies is the Vice President of Revenue Cycle and Patient Services for Aurora Health Care

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