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What Are Five Benefits of Proper Weight Training?

We all want to improve or maintain our health. How can weight training help improve your health?

Increases Bone Density. Weight training can increase your bone density, which in turn strengthens your bones. Strong bones can help to prevent fractures and osteoporosis – a disease characterized by low bone mass and the structural deterioration of bone tissue. Evidence shows that combining a proper diet with resistance training may help to reverse some of the bone loss associated with osteoporosis.

Improves Body Composition. Weight training can reduce your body fat and increase your muscle mass. Add cardiovascular training and good nutritional practices to this activity, and you're on your way to improving your body composition.

Increases Metabolism. Research estimates that for every one-pound of increase you have in muscle mass, your resting metabolism rises by 30 to 50 calories. That's good news if you’re trying to lose or control your weight!

By replacing five pounds of fat with five pounds of muscle tissue, you can increase your metabolism by up to 250 calories per day. With this change in muscle/fat composition, you could easily burn an additional 250 calories per day while reading or watching your favorite program. On the other hand, the loss of five pounds of muscle due to aging or inactivity means that your body is burning 250 fewer calories. (Please note, since each individual's metabolism is different, these numbers are estimates only.)

Improves Physical Fitness. If you think that a weight lifting program is only for athletes or people who frequent the beach, you're wrong! Who picks up your dog's twenty-five pound bag of food? Or, what about the grandmother who wants to be able to carry her grandchild? Weight training can help you do things you want to do every day — with greater ease and comfort.

Prevents Injury. Keeping your muscles toned and strong can help prevent a host of injuries. When you work to improve the strength of your muscles, you’re helping ensure that your body is prepared to work a bit harder for those unexpected times when you're placed in an awkward position. Whether you're catching yourself from a slip and fall or reaching into your trunk to lift a heavy bag of groceries, stronger muscles will help keep you injury-free.

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Meet the Author

Danielle Lueck, MS, LAT is a licensed athletic trainer located at Aurora Sports Medicine Institute in Milwaukee and provides athletic training coverage at Whitefish Bay High School. 

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