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What’s Life After a Heart Transplant Like? [Video]

Each year the lives of about 2,000 patients in America are saved by a heart transplant. That heart transplant statistic is magnified when the number becomes one — and the one getting the transplant is someone you care about, a friend or even yourself.

One person who recently received a heart transplant was patient Rick Gilgenbach at Aurora Health Center in Fond du Lac. Rick had been waiting for a heart for 22 months. Fortunately, his wait was rewarded when he was able to join the 2,000 individuals receiving a heart transplant this year.

See how Rick’s journey to recovery is progressing and learn about the bond he’s developed with his Aurora health care providers. Watch the news coverage now!

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Meet the Author

Francis X. Downey, MD is a board-certified surgeon specializing in cardiac and thoracic surgery at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center.

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