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Will You Be the Next Flu Victim? It's Hitting Hard

Flu season is here and it’s spiking for the season. If you haven’t received the flu vaccine, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services recommends you get the vaccine now. It’s not too late.

The Wisconsin DHS reports we’ve had 936 confirmed cases as of this writing. Last year at this time we had 176 confirmed cases. Week to week, there were 591 confirmed a week ago compared to 345 the previous week. Hundreds have been hospitalized so far this year.

Incidence of flu-like illness is also high in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota.

The flu can be especially difficult for children and people over 65, as well as people who have other health problems.

If you’ve had the flu vaccine, it can’t 100 percent guarantee that you won’t come down with a strain of flu. If you do come down with the flu, the vaccine may help diminish your symptoms.

Steps to Reduce Your Flu Risk

Here are some steps the DHS recommends to lower your risk of catching the flu and other contagious viruses such as the cold.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with your upper arm/sleeve. Try to avoid touching your face with your hand. If you use a tissue, throw it away after one use.
  • Use your own drinking cups and straws.
  • Avoid exposure to people who are sick.
  • Eat nutritious meals,
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Do not smoke
  • Clean commonly touched surfaces often (such as doorknobs, refrigerator handle, telephone, faucets).
  • If you’re sick, stay home. Rest, drink plenty of liquids and avoid using alcohol and tobacco.

If you come down with the flu, symptoms usually appear from one to four days after exposure. Symptoms usually last from five to seven days. 

If your symptoms persist or get worse, see your health care provider. 

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Meet the Author

Angela Tonozzi, MD, MS is the System Director-Infection Prevention at Aurora Health Care in Elm Grove, WI.

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