Helping Hand,Our Patient Financial Assistance Program

You should get the medical help you need – even if you’re struggling financially. At Aurora, we don’t turn anyone away for lack of financial resources, because we’re committed to offering the best quality care to everyone. If you need help affording our services, we can help. Helping Hand is our financial assistance program, and it’s designed to assist people who don’t have insurance and are within a certain income range.

Here's How It Works

Our experts can help you figure out what you need and how much you can afford. Once we have that information, we can figure out which program works best for you.

You can read our brochure in English, Arabic, Spanish, Hmong or Russian.

You may qualify for aid from Helping Hand if:

  • You live permanently in Wisconsin or one of the other areas that Aurora Health Care serves.
  • You’ve already tried to get financial assistance from other sources, such as federal, state or local programs or grants, or tried to get help privately.

If you’re looking for specific help, Helping Hand is used for:

  • Medically necessary services related to a particular illness or condition. That means that things you do by choice (elective), just in case (preventive) or as an everyday routine service won’t qualify for help.

If your bills are covered by any private or public insurance programs, Helping Hand isn’t the right choice.

Here's How to Apply

Have a look at this table, which shows family size and income level. If you feel your income level qualifies you for Helping Hand, ask us for an application. Call 800-326-2250 for details.

Family Size Federal Poverty Level 100% Discount
    Income below:

You’ll need to show us proof of certain financial information so we can figure out how much you can afford to pay. Remember, this isn’t health insurance. It’s a way to help you pay for the medical care you need. Most important, please don’t feel discouraged from seeking care, even if you think you might not qualify for help. Everyone deserves good health care.

If you don’t qualify for Helping Hand assistance, we’ll tell you why.