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Advance Care Planning

Make Your Wishes Known

When you become ill, you have the right to say yes or no to treatment options. But what if you became unable to decide for yourself? Who would speak for you? And would they know what you want and don't want? Complete your advance directive now to make sure your wishes are known.

Advance Care Planning

What is advance care planning?

Advance care planning is an ongoing process to help you plan for your future. It’s a health care conversation you’ll continue having throughout your life to determine your priorities, needs and goals when it comes to care.

Advance care planning helps you:

  • Think about your values and goals when it comes to health and health care
  • Reflect on health care choices you may have to make in the future
  • Choose a person to make choices for you if you can’t make them yourself
  • Make a written plan for the future

While advance care planning is a personal process, it’s important to talk to your loved ones about your wishes. You can also get help from an advance care planning professional, who can ask the right questions and help you think about all your options.

To speak with someone about advance care planning, please contact your provider’s office.

Advance Directives

What is an advance directive?

An advance directive is a written document used to record your wishes and preferences when it comes to your health care. It lets you name a person who can make decisions for you if you can’t make them yourself. This person is called a Health Care Agent or medical Power of Attorney. You can share your advance directive document with your family and your health care provider so everyone is clear about your wishes.

Honoring Choices Wisconsin

Honoring Choices Wisconsin offers a free advance directive document that you can use to write down your values and preferences when it comes to your health care.

By completing this document, you will:

  • Choose someone to act as your Health Care Agent
  • State your preferences for things like nursing home care, feeding tube removal and life-prolonging treatments
  • State your preferences when it comes to pain management
  • Clarify your wishes when it comes to religion and spirituality
  • Make your wishes known about things like autopsy and organ donation

Before completing this document, it may be helpful to fill out the Advance Care Planning Guide. This guide is a worksheet that will help you think about various health care decisions you may need to make in the future. The questions you answer on this worksheet will inform how you fill out your advance directive.

Download the Advance Care Planning Guide (worksheet)
Download the Advance Directive Document

Making Choices Michigan®

Use this document if you live in Michigan.  You can download a free copy using the link below.

Making Choices Michigan® is a medical Power of Attorney document that names a person who can make decisions for you if you cannot. This person is chosen by you, and named in the document to make certain that your wishes are followed if you’re suddenly facing hospice care, palliative care or a serious health issue.

This living will form is easy to understand and comes in English and Spanish. Making Choices Michigan® gives you the opportunity to choose your wishes and allows you to cross out those you do not want by giving clear instructions to follow.

Download the Making Choices Michigan® Form


Aurora Health Care sponsors advance care planning workshops that focus on advance directive and medical Power of Attorney documents. During the workshops trained professionals provide information and assistance about how to plan for your future health care should you become incapacitated.

This information will allow you to think about your choices and help you reflect on how to discuss your wishes with your physician and family members. Advance directive documents will be available at the workshops.

Call 888-863-5502 to register for a free workshop or search for a workshop online.

Start Planning Today

Find out how to choose a Health Care Agent to help with your advance care planning, and learn which topics you should discuss with them. Our comprehensive checklist can help get the conversation started, guide you through topics that may be uncomfortable to talk about, and help you make the right end of life decisions for you and your family. You can also get common questions answered using our Frequently Asked Questions.

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