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Back & Disc Pain


Back pain is the second leading cause of work-related disability. It’s the second most common reason that people visit a doctor. It affects 80% of us at some point in our lives.

There are many causes of back pain:

  • Common injuries, like muscle sprains or strains
  • Serious injuries, like a fracture in your spine or a herniated disc
  • Chronic medical problems, like osteoporosis or arthritis
  • Being overweight or not exercising regularly


There are three types of back pain you might experience:

  1. Acute back pain lasts only a few days or weeks.
  2. Chronic back pain lasts for three months or longer.
  3. Recurrent back pain comes and goes.


Symptoms can include:

  • Dull or sharp pain, particularly in your lower back
  • Tingling, burning or numbness in your arms or legs
  • Pain or weakness in your legs, hips or feet


Back pain often improves after a couple of weeks. But if your pain becomes chronic or prevents you from enjoying everyday activities, or if it keeps you awake at night, it’s time to get help. Chronic pain can be debilitating and can even lead to depression.

The first step is to determine what’s causing your pain. You might have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computed tomography) or X-ray scan. Or your doctor may do a myelogram, where dye is injected into your spine so that your nerves can be viewed on a CT scan. 

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