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Research and innovation are a big part of our Vascular Services program. After all, cutting-edge research leads to ongoing improvements in how we’re caring for people. And this leads to longer, healthier lives. 


Research has led to breakthroughs in lifesaving procedures and devices like the defibrillator, stents and the artificial heart. Now, we’re adding an investigational device called CoreValue to that list. Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center is 1 of 40 hospitals chosen from more than 1,000 that applied to participate in this research trial. Aurora St. Luke's was chosen based on its successful heart surgery outcomes and experience in cardiac care. 

Dr. Tanvir Bajwa and Dr. Daniel O'Hair attribute much of this honor to Aurora’s multidisciplinary approach to cardiac care, which is leading the hospital system to better outcomes and more meaningful patient experiences. Drs. Bajwa and O'Hair are featured in the February 2012 issue of Milwaukee Magazine in recognition of their participation in the CoreValve clinical research trial.

Treatment Options

Our research and clinical trials have contributed to advances in cardiovascular treatment options, including:
  • Being able to place abdominal aortic aneurysm stent grafts with a catheter, which means avoiding major abdominal surgery to repair an aneurysm
  • Being able to place carotid artery (the artery leading to the brain) stents with blood-clot (emboli) capture devices, which can help prevent stroke
  • Being able to place covered stents in narrowed arteries of the legs
  • The development and testing of adult stem cells in patients with painful limbs from lack of blood flow (chronic limb ischemia), which might otherwise lead to amputation
  • The development of new medications designed to prevent pain and blood clots in limbs with narrowed arteries from peripheral vascular disease
  • The development of new types of catheters and angioplasty equipment to help open narrowed blood vessels in the legs without the use of surgery
  • The development of various types of stents for the kidney (renal) arteries
We’ve recently been asked to be 1 of 4 centers in the world to evaluate and test a new design for an abdominal aortic aneurism (AAA) stent graft. Other current areas of peripheral vascular research include:

  • Evaluation of treatments and lifestyle changes that don’t require medications or surgery to help improve the quality of life in patients with peripheral vascular disease
  • New types of stents that can be used in smaller arteries of the legs than previous designs
  • Using laser technology to open arteries in the leg before using a stent
  • New types of stents that can be used in smaller arteries of the legs than previous designs

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