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Palliative Care at Home

Supportive Care When and Where You Need It

If you’re undergoing treatment to cure a serious illness or relieve a chronic condition, our support goes beyond the usual approach. We offer in-home palliative care that focuses on relieving pain and other symptoms while also addressing emotional and spiritual concerns.

The Aurora Health at Home Difference

Combining Home Health with an Extra Layer of Support

At Aurora Health at Home, we believe home palliative care can play a key role in home health care. A team of specialized providers improves your quality of life while you continue seeking treatment for a serious medical condition. Benefits of our home palliative care include:

  • Care at any age: We offer home palliative care for people of all ages, from infants to older adults.
  • Help where you live: Learn more about where we can provide home palliative care services.
  • Access to Virtual Health: By remotely monitoring your symptoms each day, we provide the right care at the right time. Doing so can potentially avoid return trips to the hospital. Learn more about Virtual Health.
  • Coverage through home health care: When it comes to insurance, home palliative care is covered the same way as home health care. Learn more about paying for your care.

How We Help

What is Home Palliative Care?

Serious medical conditions such as cancer, advanced COPD, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease often require supportive care beyond your active treatment. Home palliative care supports you and your family by developing a care plan to help relieve your symptoms while providing social services aligned with your goals of care.

Unlike hospice care, home palliative care can begin while you’re still seeking curative treatment.

Our Home Palliative Care Services

Our team is trained in comfort care and focuses on improving your quality of life while you cope with a serious medical condition. The services we provide include:

  • Skilled nursing services and assessment
  • Managing severe symptoms, including pain
  • Education for you and your family
  • Help with personal care, such as bathing and grooming
  • Counseling for emotional and mental health concerns
  • Access to social services
  • Spiritual care
  • Assistance with financial resources and long-term planning

What to Expect

Getting Started with Supportive Palliative Care at Home

If your doctor orders home palliative care and you meet the requirements for home health care, you can expect:

  • Initial nurse assessment: A nurse visits you at home to evaluate your needs after your referral into palliative care.
  • Virtual Health Remote Monitoring: The initial nurse assessment helps us determine whether you’re a candidate for daily remote monitoring. The decision to participate is entirely up to you.
  • 24/7 Support: Nurses trained in home palliative care are available around the clock to answer questions or visit when necessary.

Your In-Home Palliative Care Team

If you receive home palliative care and other home health services, your case manager coordinates all your home care. Your specially trained team includes:

Talk to your doctor to see if palliative care services might be right for you.

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