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Pain. Numbness. Muscle weakness. Problems with your nervous system can be everything from annoying to frightening. We’re here to help.



Your nervous system is like an information superhighway, carrying messages and instructions from your brain. Those messages travel down your spinal cord and then out through your nerve fibers, reaching every one of your organs and body parts. In turn, your body sends messages back to the brain via the nerves – telling it when you’ve touched something hot, for example. 

Sometimes swelling, toxins, diseases or tumors can pinch or compress your nerves, interrupting the flow of signals. This can interfere with your body’s ability to function normally.


Signs of a problem with your nervous system may include: 

  • Lack of coordination
  • Loss of sight or double vision
  • Pain, tingling, burning, sensitivity or loss of feeling
  • Slurred speech
  • Trouble with memory
  • Unusual headaches
  • Weakness or loss of muscle strength
If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, our doctors can help diagnose the cause and work with you to determine a treatment plan.

services & treatment

Depending on your needs, treatment might involve therapy, changes to your diet, integrative medicine (like yoga, tai chi or meditation), prescription drugs or surgery.

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