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You can trust Aurora’s team of experienced neurological experts to offer the most advanced treatment options for a variety of conditions. We combine minimally invasive procedures and individual treatment plans with exceptional patient care to deliver the best possible outcomes.


Aurora is home to a team of experienced surgeons and specialists who are internationally known for providing ground-breaking, minimally invasive neurosurgery procedures for a variety of conditions, including cancer, neurological disorders, vascular disorders and trauma.

Head & Neck Surgery

Because the brain is the control center of your entire body, head and neck conditions – from cancers to nerve disorders – can affect every aspect of your life. The exceptional surgeons on our neuroscience team use cutting-edge tools and technology to treat these very serious conditions. You can expect the latest in minimally invasive procedures along with a patient-centered approach to care.

Spine Care

The 24 vertebrae that make up the cervical, lumbar and thoracic regions of your spine form an intricate, interconnected system. And if any of the system's parts gets compromised, it can result in limited range of motion or chronic pain. Aurora’s programs for back and spine care offer treatment and relief for a variety of conditions.


At Aurora, you have access to some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment and a renowned multidisciplinary team of experts who continues to improve neurology treatment options. Whether we’re treating a chronic nerve condition or a sudden stroke, Aurora provides nationally recognized care with a compassionate touch.


For quick and decisive stroke treatment, come to one of Aurora’s 11 Primary Stroke Centers or our Comprehensive Stroke Center at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center. We offer dedicated teams of specialists, on duty 24/7, to ensure the best possible outcome after a stroke.

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