Sports Training Summer Camps

Your Child’s Best Season Starts Here.

Sports performance training isn’t just for adults. Our summer camps help young athletes build strength and skill in the off-season – and they’re a lot of fun, too.


Our Sports Training Camps

Our performance camps combine our sports health expertise with kid-friendly training activities for a fun summer experience. We will help your child push new boundaries while avoiding injuries.

We help your child become a better athlete with training activities that include:

  • Increasing overall fitness and endurance
  • Sport-specific conditioning, such as teaching specific active warm-up skills that key in on muscles used in the sport
  • Injury prevention skills, like stretching and strengthening core muscles

Camp offerings differ from year to year. In addition to our basic strength training camp (Jumpstart Strength and Conditioning Camp), we've offered camps for dancers and soccer players.

The Aurora Difference

Summer Fun and Sports Training for Kids

Our physical therapists and licensed athletic trainers care for kids in our clinics and on the sidelines. This level of experience means we’re in a special position to meet the unique needs of young athletes.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Expertise: Many of our experts have additional training and certifications in building sport-specific skills. At Aurora, your child will have access to throwing and running specialists as well as Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists®. Meet our sports health team.
  • Trusted by local high schools and youth sports leagues: Why are we the official sports medicine provider for more than 50 professional teams, schools and sports leagues in eastern Wisconsin? Because we’re committed to keeping athletes safe while enjoying the sport they love. Find out more about our team medical coverage program.
  • Safe, kid-friendly training environment: We offer deep experience in meeting the unique needs of young athletes. If your child has a previous injury, we take extra steps to modify activities to avoid re-injury. Our attention to detail helps your child stay safe while having fun at camp. Learn more about the conditions we treat.
  • Convenient access to sports medicine experts: If your child becomes injured during camp, we’ll provide a free injury evaluation on the spot. If necessary, we’ll also help coordinate an appointment with one of our sport medicine doctors. Many of these specialists offer same-day appointments near you several times a week. Learn how to get sports health care for you and your child.
  • Camps to meet a wide range of interests: We offer a wide variety of camps that change from year to year. Our Jumpstart Strength and Conditioning Camp helps children get strong and build endurance. We also offer sport-specific camps, including volleyball and dance.

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