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Your pelvic floor muscles run like a hammock from your pubic bone to your tailbone, supporting your bladder, uterus, urethra and rectum. These muscles and ligaments hold your organs in place and help them function properly.

Many factors can change how your pelvic muscles work, including pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, surgeries, age, weight and lifestyle.  Men, women and children can be affected by pelvic floor dysfunction.  Weak or tight muscles may cause issues with bladder or bowel control, changes in sexual function, difficulty emptying bowel or bladder, or pelvic pain and discomfort.

Many of these conditions can be treated with rehabilitation – and without surgery. Our specialized care of pelvic floor rehab specialists can help you regain health, confidence, comfort and quality of life.


Weak pelvic floor muscles can cause issues with bladder control, including urinary incontinence. You may also experience pelvic prolapse and pelvic pain.  Tight muscles may cause pain, urinary urgency, constipation or bladder retention.

Services & Treatment

Pelvic floor therapy is performed by physical and occupational therapists who specialize in how muscles interact with the organs and tissues in your pelvis to maintain bladder, bowel and sexual function.  They utilize a holistic approach in improving the way your muscles, tissues and joints work to support normal function.  They offer a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical option to your care, focusing on providing you with tools to help yourself.
We’ll develop a personalized care plan, based on your needs. Your plan may include:
  • Behavioral and lifestyle changes to help you retrain your pelvic muscles
  • Hands on therapy to address tight muscles, tissues or scars to improve how your muscles work and feel.
  • Biofeedback, a painless process that uses small sensors and a computer monitor to help you visualize and identify muscle activity. Learn more about pelvic muscle dysfunction biofeedback from the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).
  • Information and education about your anatomy, diet and fluids, personal care and other related issues
  • Therapy techniques to improve muscle and bone alignment
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercise therapy to optimize proper function


Aurora Health Care offers pelvic floor rehabilitation at specialty clinics throughout eastern Wisconsin:

Aurora Sinai Women’s Health Center
945 N 12th St
4th Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 219-5800

Center for Continence and Pelvic Floor Disorders
8901 W Lincoln Ave
West Allis, WI 53227
(414) 329-5658

Aurora Women's Specialty Clinic of the Aurora Women's Pavilion – Franklin
4202 W Oakwood Park Ct
Suite 310
Franklin, WI 53132
(414) 855-2914

Aurora BayCare Women’s Center
2845 Greenbrier Rd
4th Floor
Green Bay, WI 54311
(920) 288-8400

Contact one of our specialty clinics or find a women’s health expert near you.

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