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The Future Begins Here


Are you passionate about the wellness of the future? The opportunities are endless especially when you work with us, one of the nation’s leading not-for-profit health care systems. We are continuously looking for ways to help patients and communities live well. But we also know that health is more than just a diagnosis or prescription. It’s the essential thread that enables us to experience life to the fullest. This is why we’ve established InvestMKE – a venture committed to investing in technologies and innovations that will make wellness easier, more efficient, and more personalized. It's just another way Aurora Health Care is with you.

Areas of Interest

Digital Health Transformation

Consumers, now more than ever, are engaged in their health and wellness. From telemedicine to wearable devices to the "quantified-self", we are looking for startups who understand the Internet of Things and can create integrated technologies to deliver personalized and precise care.

Next Generation Innovation

With the rapid expansion of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation, the possibilities to improve health are exceptionally promising. We are seeking startups that can turn these methods into solutions – making quality care more efficient while maintaining unparalleled standards.

Wellness Beyond Health

From transportation to financial planning to safety, many things impact our ability to live the best life possible. We are looking for startups who can work with us to create a more holistic and integrated concept of wellness. Doing this will help our patients live life to the fullest extent possible.



Our goal is to support high-growth companies in southeast Wisconsin that leverage top talent to create solutions relevant to our areas of interest.


We are looking to create solutions with compelling efficacy, adoption, or that address critical unmet needs. We facilitate this through co-investment with a diversified network of investment professionals, typically in the Seed or Series A round(s).



Vaccine Update

We will be vaccinating our most vulnerable patients based on CDC guidelines. If you're our patient, we'll contact you to schedule when you become eligible.

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