Compound Medication

The Aurora Difference

What Is Compound Medication?

Compound medication involves combining pure ingredients of certain drugs to develop a unique medication for your specific health needs. For example, you may benefit from compound medication if the exact drug you need isn’t available from a manufacturer. Unlike many other pharmacies, Aurora Pharmacy can create these customized medications. Our pharmacists work closely with your doctor to develop the best combination and dosage for your needs.

Aurora makes delivery of compound medications as fast and affordable as possible. We offer:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Advance price quotes
  • Pickup at any Aurora Pharmacy
  • Mailing services, with free shipping
  • Rapid pickup, with most prescriptions available in two to four business days

About Compounding

Customized Medication Created Just for You

Many people can benefit from compound medicine. We work directly with your care team to create a customized medication in the exact dose, form and combination to be safe and effective for you. Examples include:

  • Medications in diluted dosages for babies
  • Flavored medications for children
  • Creams or liquids for people who can’t take oral medications
  • Allergy-free formulations, by removing inactive ingredients

How to Order

For Patients

If you think you’d benefit from compound medications, you can start the process in one of two ways:

  • Call us at (262) 763-7177, so we can contact your doctor or current pharmacy.
  • Bring your prescription to any Aurora Pharmacy for pickup or mailing.

For Physicians

If you'd like to order compounded medicine for a patient, fax, call, e-script or mail orders to:

Aurora Pharmacy — Compounding Pharmacy
210 S. Pine St.
Burlington, WI 53105

(262) 763-7177 (phone)
(262) 763-9860 (pharmacy fax)
(262) 763-7698 (compounding lab fax)

Refills With myAurora

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