Ways to Fill

With over 65 locations and a variety of ways to get your prescriptions filled, including online, mail order and auto-fill, getting your medications has never been easier.

Order Online

Easy Online Refills With myAurora

The myAurora portal is the simplest way to manage your prescriptions. Available to everyone in the Aurora Health Care system, myAurora lets you request prescription refills, view your medication history and set your preferred pharmacy. myAurora also notifies you if a prescription is due for a refill.

Sign in or Sign up for myAurora

Or download the MyChart app today and manage your prescriptions anywhere from your mobile device. After downloading, select myAurora and sign in or sign up to request a prescription refill.

Mail Order

Prescriptions Delivered to Your Door – for Free

If you take the same medications each month, you can benefit from our mail order delivery service. Get your prescriptions mailed to your home automatically every month — it’s easier than ever, and the delivery is free.

Many maintenance medications are available through our mail order program. But, for safety reasons, certain prescriptions cannot be mailed to your home. These medications include:

  • Schedule 2 medications such as hydrocodone, oxycodone and fentanyl
  • ADD/ADHD medications
  • Oral liquid medications
  • Refrigerated medications
  • Diabetic testing strips

Signing up for Aurora’s mail order program is simple. Get started online today, or call us toll free at (877) 409-0148. You can also sign up at your preferred Aurora Pharmacy location.

Auto-Refill Prescriptions

Never Miss a Dose

Aurora’s auto-refill program automatically fills your ongoing prescriptions each month. Your medications can be picked up at your local Aurora Pharmacy or mailed to your home for free.

For your convenience, we will fill your prescription before you’re due to run out of medication. And you’ll always receive a phone call letting you know when your prescription is ready for pickup. When you’re out of refills, we’ll contact your doctor to help avoid any interruptions to your treatment plan.

It’s easy to sign up for Aurora’s auto-refill program. Sign up online, or call us toll free at (877) 409-0148. If you prefer, you can also complete an enrollment form at your preferred Aurora Pharmacy.

Transfer Prescriptions

Switching to Aurora Is Quick and Hassle-Free

Interested in switching a prescription to Aurora from another pharmacy? Simply call your local Aurora Pharmacy to request a prescription transfer, and we’ll take care of the details.

When you transfer your prescriptions to Aurora, they become part of our integrated health records system that’s always available to your Aurora providers. Your Aurora pharmacist can also view any prescriptions written by Aurora doctors, even if you filled them at another pharmacy.

The Aurora Difference

Medication Safety

We participate in committees and make recommendations as a team for improving medication safety across the Aurora system. At some pharmacy locations, we also offer bubble packing to keep you as safe as possible. Ask your pharmacy team for more information.

Integrated Health Care

Your prescription information, medication history and health records are available to each member of your care team, 24/7. This system ensures seamless communication and collaboration between your health care providers, resulting in better, safer care.

Patient Education

Many people need a little more guidance before taking their prescriptions. Our pharmacists offer one-on-one consultations to answer any questions you may have.

Find a Pharmacy

With over 65 locations in Wisconsin, finding an Aurora Pharmacy has never been easier. With pharmacies near where you live, work and go to school, we’re making it easier than ever to get the medications you need.

Why Aurora? 

We offer a wide range of resources to help you live a healthy life.