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Specialty Pharmacy

Care for complex conditions, such as cancer, high cholesterol, HIV and more.

Specialty Pharmacy

The Aurora Difference

Caring for Complex Conditions

Aurora Specialty Pharmacy provides efficient, comprehensive care for people who need specialty medications for complex health conditions.

This care includes far more than just filling prescriptions. You have access to medication counseling, insurance help and more. Your pharmacist also works closely with your doctor to understand your whole health history, helping you avoid drug interactions.

Specialty Services

Compassionate Medication Management

Managing complex, chronic medical conditions can be stressful and time-consuming. Aurora’s specialty pharmacy services let you focus on your health while we take care of the details. We offer:

  • Help with prescription insurance benefits: Medications for complex conditions are often costly. We act as your advocate, taking the stress out of medication coverage. We explain your benefits, help you file your claims and assist with medication authorization. As a result, you get your medication at the lowest possible cost. Learn more about insurance and Medicare at Aurora Pharmacy .
  • Coordination: You may be working with multiple doctors to manage your condition. We coordinate with each one to avoid potential drug interactions and ensure proper dosages. You have the peace of mind knowing that each medication has been reviewed both by your care team and by our expert pharmacists and technicians.
  • Education: Your specialty medications come with educational materials that explain how your prescriptions help treat your specific condition. Since you may be taking multiple medications, your pharmacists are always available to discuss side effects, interactions and dosages. We’re careful to make sure you and your loved ones understand all the details of your medication plan.
  • Medication delivery: Aurora mails your specialty medications right to your front door. We’ll even watch for when you need a refill to make sure you get your next shipment in plenty of time.

Specialty Pharmacy Resources

Aurora Specialty Pharmacy helps people with a wide range of conditions, including cancer, HIV, osteoporosis and more. With each condition, we work closely with you and your doctor to keep you as healthy as possible. Our patient handbook is a great place to get more info about how you can benefit from these services.


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