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3 Ways to Assess Your Cancer Risk


Learn about your lung cancer risk factors and see whether a screening is right for you.

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Find out your risk of breast cancer, what the risk factors are and which ones you can control.

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Our Colorectal Health Quiz helps determine your lifetime risk and how you can stay your healthiest.

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Cancer Screenings

Breast Cancer

Find suspicious spots with 3-D mammograms and other tools.

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Cervical Cancer

Check for viruses and problematic cells with HPV tests and pap smears.

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Colorectal Cancer

Identify intestinal growths with DNA sampling, colonoscopies, and other tests and imaging.

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Lung Cancer

Discover potential signs of lung cancer with low-dose CT scans.

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Prostate Cancer

Decide if prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing is right for you.

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Skin Cancer

Come in for a physical exam of your skin.

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Advancements in Cancer Care

Cancer care at Aurora is continually evolving. Find out about the latest research, therapies and medical breakthroughs in our newsletters.

Specialized Services

Get Genetic Help

Inherited genetic changes cause 5% to 10% of all cancers. Work with a genetic counselor in either Milwaukee, Green Bay, or by video chat to discuss your risk and possibly get tested.

Protect Your Heart

Specialists from the new cardio-oncology center create a customized plan to help keep your heart, lungs, and blood vessels safe from certain cancer treatments.

Explore New Approaches to Treatment

Each person’s cancer is unique. Genetic tumor analysis and a unique database could help your cancer team find more effective treatments to your specific cancer.

Protect Your Fertility

Fertility preservation can be used to safeguard your future ability to have children before medical procedures like chemotherapy, radiation or surgery that affect your fertility.

Find Care for the Total Woman

We offer comprehensive gynecologic cancer care and guide you through treatment that considers the whole person.

Find Your Clinic

With cancer clinics across eastern Wisconsin, you can find care near you. We also offer care at Wisconsin’s first Spanish-language cancer clinic.

Specialty Pharmacy for Cancer Drugs

Taking oral chemotherapy? We can get you your medications faster and help find you financial assistance.

Get a Second  Opinion

Knowing all your options can make life's toughest decisions a little easier.

LiveWell app  & website

Manage health and wellness for yourself and for everyone who counts on you – anytime, anywhere.


Vaccine Update

We're vaccinating anyone 12 and older in Illinois and Wisconsin. Schedule an appointment or walk in at select vaccine centers.