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Want to find out the cost of a procedure? Curious how different hospitals in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin compare? The total cost for many procedures, as well as the estimated cost of your hospital stay, can be found using the health care cost estimator on Wisconsin PricePoint.

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Wondering which Aurora hospital is right for you? Find health care costs and procedure costs for our Milwaukee hospitals, plus cost comparisons for all 15 Aurora hospitals and medical centers on Wisconsin PricePoint.

*Prices may not reflect your out-of-pocket costs or negotiated rates with insurance providers.

Cost Estimates For Aurora Patients

If you’re an Aurora patient planning to schedule a specific service, you can find out the cost of care beforehand. Simply call 800-326-2250 to get a free cost estimate and for more information about your financial responsibility as a patient.

Do you need help covering your medical costs? We can help. Learn about our financial assistance opportunities by clicking here:

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