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Aurora Tertiary Access Program (TAP)

Welcome to the Aurora Tertiary Access Program, a system-wide, acute transfer program designed to coordinate the consultation, referral and transfer of patients to an appropriate Aurora hospital.

Tertiary Access Program (TAP) Overview

The system-wide Aurora Tertiary Access Program (TAP) is designed to coordinate the consultation, referral and transfer of patients to an appropriate Aurora hospital for specialty care.

  • This acute transfer program is available to any physician (internal or external) wishing to transfer a patient to a higher level of care.
  • Our nurse coordinators are available 24/7 to facilitate critical care, specialty consultations and hospital patient transfers; they assist with all aspects, from physician consult to bed placement.
  • Physicians wishing to request a specialty consult or patient transfer should call the Aurora Tertiary Access Program (TAP) at 414-385-2500 or toll free at 1-888-444-0289.

Please note, patient transfer requests for the Aurora BayCare Medical Center are handled separately by the Aurora BayCare Medical Center Tertiary Access program.

TAP Transfer Process

The Aurora Tertiary Access Program (TAP) makes it easy for physicians to coordinate patient transfers to appropriate Aurora hospitals.

  1. A physician (or a physician representative) can call Aurora TAP at 414-385-2500 or toll free at 1-888-444-0289.
  2. A TAP Nurse Coordinator will facilitate the physician-to-physician consultation, including specialty consults.
  3. Once a receiving physician has accepted the patient, the TAP Nurse Coordinator works with the receiving Aurora site for bed placement.
  4. The TAP Nurse Coordinator maintains communication with the sending facility until the bed assignment is communicated to the sending facility.

Request a Transfer

Call to request a specialty consult or patient transfer.

Aurora BayCare TAP

Request a patient transfer to the Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

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Vaccine Update

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