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Protecting YourFuture Fertility

Fertility Preservation Options

There are times when you may need to delay considering reproduction for personal reasons. We can help safeguard your options by freezing eggs, sperm or embryos for a later date. We offer fertility preservation measures for a variety of situations that may reduce or remove potential fertility.

  • Undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery that may damage the testicles or ovaries
  • Decreasing fertility due to age
  • Considering gender transition surgery

To protect your ability to have children in the future, it’s best to start a conversation with a specialist as soon as possible.

Even if you need to delay starting a family, you can still choose parenthood when the time is right. It may not happen the way you expected. But with flexibility and planning, you’ll still have options.

Fertility Preservation Services

Our fertility preservation program offers counseling and other services such as:

  • Semen freezing: Sperm can be collected and frozen.
  • Freezing oocytes (eggs): Multiple eggs can be retrieved through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and frozen.
  • Embryo freezing: Our specialists freeze embryos on days 5 and 6 after fertilization, using a rapid freezing process that avoids ice crystal formation.

Due to the very personal nature of fertility treatment, all services are handled in comfortable, discreet surroundings that are respectful of your privacy. We provide the latest technology to improve treatment outcomes and offer innovative financial programs to help you afford treatment.


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